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2-28-2016.  As the sun rises on this final day of the season, and we grab the last few houses off the lake, we just want to give a huge
shout out to all of our customers and followers who have now become friends with all of us here at Jrs Corner Access. We want you all
to know how thankful we are to have great people like you to spend a winter with. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year
and hope you all have a great safe off season.    JR and Staff

2-26-16  The final weekend of walleye season is getting closer and closer. We will be maintaining roads north passed the center bar and
west to the rock pile, the fishing is fair with the best bite being in the evening and nights from 10 pm to 4 am. Don't forget about
the big fly in this Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm the weather looks beautiful let's keep our fingers crossed. Stop down to look at all
the planes and grab a hot beef lunch special, we look forward to seeing everyone and all pilots who want to fly in or drive in for this
event. We do have have one 8x18 house available for Friday from noon until Saturday at 10 am if anyone looking for there last limit of
walleye for the year. 

For all pilots interested in flying with questions please message us or call us for more details. Thanks again JR and Staff

2-22-16.     2nd Annual Fly In this weekend for the final bang to the 2015/2016 ice fishing season. There will be a HOT BEEF COMMERCIAL
for lunch special from 11 to 3 everyone on the lake is welcome to join. There will be a grand prize drawing and raffle drawings for all
Pilots and passengers that stop in. Stay tuned to this site and our website for any updates on weather and runway info. The fishing
currently seems to be picking up as the moon is very bright through the night right now. Smaller hooks and minnows are working best,
there is a few crappies coming out north of the center bar too for anybody looking to try for them. Don't miss out on the last weekend
of walleye season and maybe even get an airplane ride to top it off.
We look forward to seeing all the friends families and pilots during this fun weekend.  Jr. and Staff

2-18-16. Throwback Thursday last year about this Time when we were seeing a good number of crappies, not so much this year although we
are starting to see a few more everyday. We will have the north road open all the way out past 10 miles and also the west road to the
rock pile open. The fishing is slower but people are still doing 3 to 8 fish a house right now, I think in the next few days things
will start to pop with the full moon getting closer.  Jr. and staff

2-14-16. Come join us for our annual fly in on  Feb 28 from 11am to 3pm. Jr. and staff

2-11-16    Fishing has remained slower but people are still getting enough for a fish fry and bringing fish home. We do have people
doing better on fish along with some bonus crappies and some nice perch. Our roads are all back open after the big wind and snow
earlier this week we also opened our road back up west to the rock pile. We have 20 to 25 inches of ice and you can still get off the
roads and get to just about anywhere you want. We wish everyone luck this weekend of fishing and I would make sure you have small
minnows and plain white pink and red small hooks in your tackle boxes. 

Rental Update: We do have a couple houses available this weekend for one night and or two nights. JR and staff

  2-5-16. RENTAL  UPDATE Had a last minute cancellation. Have 2 houses open for this weekend. Call for reservation.

2-4-16 The weekend warriors are starting to show up we hope everyone stays safe and has a good weekend of fishing. Fishing has been
slow lately but the lake is due to hit any day now. The roads are in good shape and extend north of the center bar and also west of
center bar to the line. Everyone seems to be heading north and east of the center bar. I think with all the traffic driving right by
center bar and the pressure being next to none all week on top of the bar that it will start to produce some good fishing again.
Remember on top of center bar is 10 to 12 feet, there is also huge areas south of the bar that did produce good fishing last weekend,
and also should have less pressure from people. All are great options but either way smaller hooks and minnows are doing the best and
doesn't hurt to throw in some wax worms for this weeks adventure. Again good luck to all and don't forget to stop in the bar to get a
map of the roads. JR and Staff

2-1-16. Red fest weekend was a great time, we are already looking forward to next year. Thanks to everyone for coming out and a huge
thanks to everybody that helped with this event. Fishing this weekend was all around pretty slow, but some houses still did 10 to 15
walleyes a day, the ice conditions are still good and we are allowing all traffic out. The ice is cracking up a little with these
temperature changes over the weekend but we are staying on top of it to keep everyone safe. We will be having some new areas for our
costumers coming up this week where the fishing is better, we do still have a few rentals available on weekdays let us know if we can
get you in the books, we look forward to seeing everybody and good luck to all. JR and Staff.

1-28-16.   Red fest weekend is here the festivities start on Saturday at 12:00 noon, with the indoor fishing contest followed by DJ
Chris all night. The plow trucks are out and plowing the north road, that will be in great shape all the way to the center bar. Driving
off the roads is very easy you can get just about anywhere you want to go right now. This changed from last weekend due to the warm up
and now freezing temps. The ice conditions are great with just about 20 inches all over, the best bite is still through the night but
we expect that to change to a morning and evening bite as the weekend goes on.

We hope to see everyone this weekend and good luck to all. Jr and Staff

1-19-16 The rumor that the slot limit changing later this month is false. The limit for walleye is still 3 and is expected to remain
the same thru end of season. JR and Staff

1-18-16   Thanks to everyone for stopping in at Jrs Corner Access this weekend we hope everyone had a great time. The fishing was good
Friday but slowed down as the weekend got colder. The best bite seemed to be on the center bar in 10 to 12 feet of water and also in 15
feet to the east of the bar. Our roads are in great shape and currently have no new cracks we have to cross, we are plowed north to the
center bar and west to the rock pile. We have about 16 to 18 inches of ice just about all over and are letting everything out on the
roads good luck to everyone coming up this week. Thanks for keep the speed no faster then 15 MPH  JR and Staff

1-13-16. Fishing has been a little slower the last couple days but seems to be picking up today. We have still been seeing a lot of
fish fries coming in but in general has been a little slower last couple days. We have about 15 inches of ice and are allowing pretty
much all rigs out on the lake. We have roads to the rock pile and north to the center bar, the plow trucks will be out working tomorrow
getting everything in shape for the weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone and good luck. Jr and Staff

1-7-16 We got about an 2.5 inches of snow in the last 24 hrs which is a good thing to help bank all the wheel houses heading out for
the weekend. Fishing is still fair with most houses doing 7 to 15 walleye a day and some doing much better. The ice seems to be getting
better every day, we have 11 to 13 inches in most places with a few spots with less ice that we will show you on the map when you stop
in the bar. We have our road open to Center Bar and allowing 1/2 ton trucks with 16 ft houses all the way out there at this time. For
the people with heavier trucks and houses we are letting you out north to 3 miles or west of rock pile and north. We are asking
everyone hooked up to a house goes 10mph and trucks with no trailers to stay under 15. Good luck and stay safe.

1-6-16 The cleaning room has been a busy place in the last week, although the fishing has slowed a little I would consider the fishing
fair to good. The evening bite is the best time right now with dead sticks out fishing the jigging lines. We have a good amount of ice
with 10 to 13 inches in most spots, we are allowing half ton trucks with 20ft houses or smaller. If you have a bigger house you will
have to pull it out with a side by side or wheeler. There is no 3/4 ton trucks going or diesels at this time, when you get here you
have to stop in the bar to get your pass and map to where you can and cannot go with vehicles and houses. Good luck to everyone and

1-3-16. Fishing has slowed a little in the last 24 hours but lots of limits still coming in. Our first weekend of letting vehicles on
has went well and the ice seems to be holding up great. If the ice looks good in the morning we will be letting the wheel houses pull
off with there trucks, this can only be started after first light tomorrow, these must be 1/2 ton or smaller. We are asking nobody
drives over 10mph while hooked up to house as this will be enforced in the morning. We hope everyone has a fun safe last night of there
long holiday vacation.

12-28-15 Another weekend has Come and gone the new year is in sight. Fishing has been pretty good with numbers staying at about 10 to
20 walleye per house in a 24hr period with some houses doing much better. We are sitting at about 9 to 11 inches of ice with some spots
with a little less. We are allowing 8x16 wheel houses out pulled by a wheeler or side by side. We plan to allow more in the very near
future. We will be allowing cars, light vans and half ton pickups out starting Wednesday, we are asking everyone stop in the bar to get
your access pass and a map of the roads. Our roads are marked west to the rock pile and north to the center bar. For those of you who
do not want to drive out on the lake we have plenty of on shore parking. We look forward to seeing everybody during this holiday week. 
 Jr. And Staff

12-25-15 Merry Christmas to all!! Starting tomorrow (Saturday) morning we will allow small wheel houses pulled by ATV out of our
access.   With an average of 8 inches of ice in most places and a road staked West to the rock pile  and North and West to center bar. 
There are some thin spots along the way that we have on the map, so before going on the ice stop in the lodge and get a pass and a road
map.  For larger houses we have on  shore parking available.  Be safe and watch the weather and our web site for updates. JR and staff

12-22-15.  I know you have all been waiting to hear what we are planning for the Christmas and the weekend after Christmas. The warm
weather and the lake conditions are changing constantly.  Our main priority is the safety of our customers. This makes our decision 
difficult, so please bear with us.  Yesterday and today we spent a lot of time on the ice checking conditions. We started in front of
our resort and went North and West to Center Bar.   We found as much as 11 inches of ice and as little as two inches, with most ice
consistently seven inches. The ice under the snowdrifts was 6 inches. With those ice conditions right now, we are allowing ATV,
snowmobile and foot traffic on the lake through our landing. We have onshore parking available for your vehicles. We know there is
limited ice on other lakes and with the popularity of Red Lake, we are expecting and ready for a lot of traffic in the coming days.
With that being said please be patient as we continue evaluate the conditions and make decisions based on keeping everyone safe. l have
plans to continue to stay open and serve our customers. As conditions and plans change, we will be updating our website often. This
will be the best method for you to get up to date information from us as our phones are being  overwhelmed. The fishing is fair to good
and our bar and grill are open regular hours. We have bait and tackle available. The grill will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas
Day, but the  Bar, our lake access, and bait and tackle will be open. Please stay connected to our web site as we will keep you updated
often. Merry Christmas and good luck fishing.

JR and staff
Take Care!

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