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2-19-14 There are 4 days left in the Minnesota walleye fishing season and the fishing has been steady. Best bite out by center bar from
5:00 pm till 3:00 am. Small pink, purple, or blue seems to be working best right now. Most will need to have plow spots for your wheel
houses so be patient and stop in the bar and we will take care of you. Let's not miss out on the last weekend of Minnesota walleye
Thanks from Jr and staff.

2-12-14 The second to last weekend is creeping in on us. They are predicting some snow for us tonight and tomorrow. The plow trucks
will be out and maintaining the roads as needed. If you are coming up with a wheel house just stop in the bar and get map to the hot
spots. Fishing right now is fair to good, with small hooks and minnows working best again. The best bite times are 5:30 pm to 1:00 am I
predict for the weekend slow day bite and good action all night long. Don't miss out on the last few chances to get on some good
walleye action before season closes. Thanks and good luck to all from Jr and staff.

2-07-14 Another weekend is here and the fishing is still fair with some people catching over 20 walleyes a day. I have also seen a
couple crappies everyday the last couple days. The northern and perch bite is steady in spots too. I predict to see a lot of big
northern pike coming in this week. The plows will be out plowing spots for wheel houses otherwise there is plenty of used spots out
there already, just stop in and we will take care of you. Thanks and have a great weekend.

2-3-14 The roads are in good shape. Stop into the bar and we will take care of you. The weather looks stable with no winds or snow for
the next five days. I hope that gets the fish aggressive. The best bite this last week was all day Thursday and Saturday night.
Aggressive jigging worked best on those days. Good colors were purple and pink. We still have weekday rentals available for Sunday
through Wednesday. We have good roads to Center Bar with plowed wheelhouse spots available. Give us a call.. There is just three weeks
left to go in the season. JR & Staff

1-14-14 All of our roads are open and we are currently plowing spots for wheel houses. Stop in the bar and we will take care of you. We
apologize for any inconvenience we caused yesterday. We felt it was the right thing to do given the white out conditions. Our roads are
good all the way to center bar. We plan to move some houses northwest of the bar for our next move. The bite is still fair. Many people
are still bringing in enough fish in for a fish fry. The best colors have been red and gold. The best lures have been small. We had one
client catch 20 walleyes from 4 pm to 6 pm yesterday using a small plain hook and a golden shiner. He was fishing 8 inches off the
bottom.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone.  JR & Staff

1-12-14 The big storm we were hoping to dodge really hit us hard today.  The storm's 40+ mph winds and snow created white out
conditions at times. We are not letting any additional wheel houses onto the lake at the present time. Our rental houses, however, are
still be operating as normal. We will post any changes to Facebook as soon as they happen. We plan to have our plows back out there as
soon as mother nature allows. The Bar and grill are operating normal hours. still open. Thanks! JR & Staff

1-11-14 We made it through the cold weather. It is 20 degrees outside right now and the fishing has been inconsistent. Some houses are
catching 5 fish a day while other houses are catching 40 walleye over the same period. So we still have houses that are doing very
well. It seems the best bite has been between 10 pm to 4 am, which might explain why some houses are doing better than others. The best
colors right now are red, pink, and gold. I talked to a guy the other day that did very well with a small Canadian stop sign lure in a
clown color. The roads are all in great shape and freshly plowed. Stop in at the bar and we will take care of you. Thanks from all the
staff at JR's.

1-07-14 Let's hope the extremely cold weather is over for now. All of our roads are in great shape. They currently extend north to
Center Bar and west to the Rock pile and there are NO bridges to cross. The fishing has held up fair to very good. The 14 foot depth
seems to be out fishing the shallower water. The areas south and east of Center Bar seem to be the hot spots. Jigging and set lines
have been working equally as well. The weekend forecast looks good with favorable temperatures and a slight chance of precipitation.
It's time to grab the wheel house and head north fishing. Have a safe trip and good luck fishing. JR & Staff

1-01-14 We hope everyone is having a great new year. We apologize for the lack of updates recently but we hope to stay current from
this point on. Receive daily updates with a "like" to our FACEBOOK page at JR's Corner Access. The roads are in good shape all the way
north to center bar and west to the rock pile. There has been some isolated flooding when setting wheel houses, but we have 14 to 17
inches of good ice right now. There are plenty of plowed wheelhouse spots open on center bar right now. In the event you do experience
flooding, simply bump your wheel house over a few spots to another location. Stop into the resort and we will provide you with a map of
the roads to the best fishing areas. The fishing was slower the last 48 hours due to the dramatic temperature change we experienced but
we did see an improvement to the bite this morning. We saw a lot more fish coming to the lodge and it seems to be picking up just in
time for the weekend. Gold is the best color right now and the smaller the hook and minnow the better. We look forward to seeing you.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays from everyone at JR's Corner Access.

12-31-13 This will be the last report of this year. Happy New Year! The 2014 reports will continue tomorrow. It was -33 degrees this
morning. It seems like the fish started to pick up last night. The best lure color was gold. I think the fishing might remain a little
slower then last weekend for another day or two, but we still many people leaving daily with limits.

12-28-13 It has been a crazy last two days with lots of wheel houses. We apologize for any inconvenience the traffic has caused. Please
show up before dark if you are planning to bring up a wheel house. Stop in at the bar and we will take care of you. We ask everyone be
patient. Everyone wants to get out fishing over the holidays. The fishing report is still great with lots of limits. The best spot is
around center bar. The best colors have been red and gold in about 13 feet of water.

12-26-13 WOW! What a day. We had lots of wheel house traffic this morning. The preferred spot was Center Bar. The fishing was awesome.
There were lots of limits caught today. The roads appear to be holding up well and we are currently letting pretty much everything go,
within reason, through the access at the current time. We are plowing roads daily. Stop into the lodge for the best up-to-date
information. We have approximately 12 to 14 inches of ice on the lake. Thanks again and good luck fishing. JR & Staff

12-24-13 All of us at JR'S would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. The bite remains very good. The best spots have been
right off the shoreline break and close to center bar. The best times have been late afternoons and nights. Active jigging and set
lines have been working equally as well. The key has been to spread out and not bunch up. Our ice roads appear to be holding up well.
We currently have placed a 15 mph speed limit on our roads. Help us preserve our current road conditions. We have roads going west to
the reservation line and also north to Center Bar. GREAT NEWS! The ice thickness has been 12 to 14 inches in most locations we've
checked. After Christmas we're planning to let everything go - within reason. We are expecting a very busy next few days and weekend.
Our staff will be plowing roads and opening spots for wheel houses the entire morning of December 26th.I will try to take care of
everyone as promptly as I can. I have one small favor to ask on December 26th. I am asking for no wheel house traffic before noon on
December 26th. This will allow my staff to finish plowing and get back to shore before everyone starts to arrive. I promise everyone
they will be helped promptly when they show up. I would appreciate a courtesy call in the a.m. on December 26th from all groups
arriving with four wheel houses or more so we can plan accordingly. Groups with less than four houses need not call. Please try to
communicate through our Facebook page for all your general questions about ice conditions, fishing, and other things. It is a very
efficient method for answering the majority of your questions and my son Adam will have his I-phone handy all weekend. I will apologize
ahead of time for all those who have been trying to get through by phone. We have been experiencing heavy phone traffic the last few
weeks. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and website. We will post any changes immediately on both of them. Thanks for your
cooperation and your business. Enjoy the holiday. Have a safe trip up and we will see you on the ice. JR & Staff.

12-20-13 NEWS UPDATE! We have decided to open the access to wheel house traffic tomorrow morning. Call the gang and bring the wheel
house with you. We will see you on the ice! JR & Staff

12-20-13 NEWS FLASH! We have a new road plowed out to center bar! We plan to leave it sit overnight and hopefully there will be no
cracks or water on it in the morning. We apologize for not allowing wheel house traffic the last couple of days. We plan to resume
wheel house traffic as soon as ice conditions allow. If things go right, it might be as soon as tomorrow. Keep checking in. We will
post any new information as soon as it happens. The fishing has been great. Stop in at the bar and we will help you find the best
fishing locations. Thanks again! JR & Staff

12-18-13 I'm sorry to report that I have been forced to close my roads to all wheelhouse traffic due to current slush conditions.
Hopefully this closure won't last long but the slush has limited my ability to plow spots for wheelhouses. My roads will remain open
for ATV, snowmobile, light truck and small SUV traffic. We will be offering overnight parking for your wheelhouses on shore. Our
rentals and outfitter rentals have not been effected by this closure. They are all still operating at full swing. You can drive your
vehicle to all of our rentals. We will post it immediately on our website when we have reopened our roads to wheelhouse traffic. Please
stay tuned for further updates. Due to the high phone traffic we're experiencing at the present time, the best method to receive
updates about wheelhouse traffic will be available on our website. The fishing remains VERY good. I am seeing many limits of fish
daily. Our Bar & Grill has regular hours and we have plenty of quality bait on hand. Stop in and we will help guide you to a good
fishing spot. Thanks! JR & Staff

12-17-13 What a great weekend. Thanks to all our great customers for being so patient. We couldn't have done it without you. The ice
conditions are constantly improving and the walleye bite remains strong. The best bite has been throughout the night with another
strong bite occurring during midday. Set lines and jigging are both producing limits of fish. Stop into the lodge and we will take care
of you. Thanks! JR & Staff 

12-15-13 After a great weekend of fishing, old mother nature threw us a small curve ball! We had a crack open up out front! Everyone
got off the ice safely and everything is going good! We have the crack bridged and there is still plenty of good fishing South of the
crack. We are still driving lite trucks with small wheel houses and we are also driving out to all the rentals...stop at the lodge and
we'll take care of you. We have approximately 12 inches of ice in most places. As far as the bite, it is really strong! The evening and
night bite with the moon seem to be the best. Thanks! JR & Staff 

12-14-13 Up here at JR's fishing is nothing less than spectacular! We are seeing numerous limits of fish being caught in a wide variety
of classes. Jigging and set lines are both working well. It appears that 12-13 foot water depth is a little hotter than shallows on the
structure...though both are catching fish. Currently we are allowing trucks - including full-size, wheelhouses and cars. There appears
to be 11-12 inches of ice in mostly all places. As for the road, we have approximately 4 miles.Travel is very good with no breakers to
cross. If you are looking for a plowed spot, we have trucks on the ice and PLEASE stay on the roads for your safety! Stay tuned to our
website, if there are any changes, we will update that immediately. Our houses are all on the lake and we have week rental available.
Thanks, Be Safe and Good Luck Fishing! JR & Staff 

12-12-13 Thing on Upper Red Lake are slowly improving day by day. All the sleeper houses are on the lake. Also, the wheel houses are
going on. Those of you who are bringing wheel houses up, please respect the access' policies. We are asking for no off-road
travel...Stop by the lodge so we can give you the latest information to keep you safe. As far as fishing, we are catching fish on the
structure in 8-10 feet of water and also in 11-13 feet. The report as of tonight, set lines are out doing the jigging. The preferred
colors are red and gold. If there are any changes, we will communicate through our website and on Facebook, as soon as they happen.
Thanks, Always be safe, and Good luck fishing! Jr & Staff 

12-11-13 We are still allowing wheelhouse traffic as conditions allow. Today we added another 2 miles of road in 8-10 feet of water.
Please be patient as you will need a spot plowed and we would like to keep everyone spread out and safe. As far as the fishing, the
morning and evening bite is best with a few caught during the day and over night. It appears the night bite is picking up as the moon
gets brighter. We will keep this updated as conditions change. Good Luck Fishing! Thanks, JR & Staff 

12-10-13 The first day of light truck and wheelhouse travel went well! I also plowed approximately another mile of roads. We checked
several areas and found between 11 to 13 inches of ice. We never found less than 11 inches anywhere. The few slushy spots have healed
up nicely. I plowed right over the top of them and found very little water. I'm planning to expand my roads more tomorrow. We will
continue to allow light truck and wheelhouse travel through the access. Conditions are improving daily. The morning bite remains ok
with fish being caught throughout the day. The strongest bite continues to occur in the evening with scattered fish throughout the
night. Set lines and jigging seem to be working equally as well. The Bar & Grill is back to regular hours. Be safe and good luck
fishing. Like us on Facebook and receive the most current reports available. Thanks JR & Staff. 

12-09-13 Things are looking up here at Red! We started plowing Friday. There are approximately 3 1/2 miles of road with very little
slush. We plan to extend our road tomorrow as conditions allow. Right now we are finding 10-12 inches of ice in almost all places. We
plan to start allowing some light truck and small wheelhouse traffic tomorrow afternoon. Please bare with us as we are trying to get
you all out fishing safely! As far as the fishing, morning and evening bite seem to be the best. Today, they were telling us the
set-lines were working better than jigging. They say, let the set-lines soak...red glows were the color of choice. Stay tuned for I
will update this report in another 24 hours to keep you posted on what's going on on Upper Red Lake - as conditions keep changing
ALWAYS USE CAUTION and Be Safe!! JR & Staff 

12-07-13 Yes, it's true! We have approximately 3 miles of road. It goes West down the shoreline to the rock pile, then straight North a
mile to 9 feet of water...with no slush to speak of. I plan to extend it the next couple of days. As of right now, we are not allowing
vehicle or wheelhouse traffic, be we will as soon as we feel it is safe. ATV's and Snowmobiles are welcome to use the road. I am
finding 10-11 inches of ice in most places, with as few as 9 inches in other areas. As far as fishing, the day bite was OK with the
evening bite being stronger...seen numerous limits. Stay tuned for updates as conditions are changing fast. We're looking forward to
vehicle and whegelhouse traffic in the near future. If you venture out on the ice - ALWAYS USE CAUTION! Ice houses are on the lake in
full swing, so for any early-season ice fishing, contact JR's. Thanks! JR & Staff 

12-6-13 Miracles do happen, I manage to find myself a spot to get my rentals back out in 7 to 9 feet of water. So, if anybody is
interested in overnight renting on the lake, please call. As far as the fishing,it has slowed a touch but I am still seeing plenty of
limits. I just had a group of five this evening come through with their limit. They said jigging was more productive than the
sidelines. As far as colors they said that really didn't matter. The evening bite was definitely the strongest. As far as the ice
conditions, we have approximately 8 t 10 inches of ice, with anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow, depending on the location. I am in
the process of making a few small roads for the ATVs and snowmobiles. We are allowing ATVs and snowmobiles with portables as of right
now. No wheelhouses yet. Good luck fishing and be safe! Thanks, JR and Staff. 

12-05-13 Well,the snow has quit, the wind is blowing and it is cold! As of 7:30 Thursday night, it's -4 below. A few brave fishermen
were out today with mixed reports. We still have approximately 9-10 inches of ice with 8-12 inches of snow on top with a few slushy
spots. Right now, Snowmobile travel is by far the best - but I do plan to plow a goat trail West down the shore-line. We are allowing
ATV and Snowmobile traffic. With the cold temps in the forecast, things can change in a hurry! So stay tuned for up-to-date reports.
Until we can plow, we have on-shore lodging available. The Bar & Grill have regular hours - stop up and see us! Thanks! JR & Staff 

12-04-13 The good news is... the snow has finally tapered off, but it has left behind approximately 10 inches as of 7:30 Wednesday
night. The wind is picking up out of the North - hopefully it will blow some of that snow off! The temps are dropping. We had a few on
the lake today with ATV's and Snowmobiles, with some fish being caught. It seems like the evening bite was the best; as of right now.
We are allowing ATV's, Portables and Snowmobiles out. When the sun comes out and the wind goes down, we will let you know of any
changes. As far as the traffic on the lake, I will update this report in another 24 hours. We have bait on hand and the Bar & Grill is
open with regular hours. Also, on-shore lodging is available. Thanks! JR & Staff 

12-03-13 Well, Old Mother Nature decided to bring us some snow! As of right now, (7:30 Tuesday evening) we have approximately 8 inches
of snow on the lake with approximately 8-10 inches of ice. There are a few slushy spots, but not to bad yet. They are predicting more
snow for tonight and some colder temperatures in the forecast with some wind... Hopefully, the wind will blow some of the snow off! As
of now, we are running ATV's, Snowmobiles and Portables only. It will be interesting to see what the next 24 hours will bring! As far
as fishing, the bite has slowed just a touch, but is still strong! We will update this report within 24 hours to keep you guys posted.
Expectations for the weekend...keep your fingers crossed for just a little snow and a lot of wind! The Bar & Grill is open with regular
hours and we have bait on hand. Thanks! JR & Staff 

11-30-13 The bite is on...fishing has turned to the better! Seen many limits Friday from various depths. We had good reports from 5-9
feet of water. Some say set-lines while others say aggressive jigging...it seems they both were working well. We are fishing straight
out of JR's to West all the way to the reservation line. As far as the ice, we have approximately 7-9 inches of ice with very little
snow cover. Numerous people heading out with ATV's and snowmobiles. We have plenty of on-shore parking available for trucks, fish
houses even Airplanes! All you pilots are welcome to try out our new 2700' runway. Good Luck fishing and always Be Safe! JR & Staff 

11-28-13 Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Wednesday afternoon into the evening, we got about 3-4 inches of snow. We had a few
groups call today with better success than I thought they would...I've seen a few limits of walleyes! It seems the guys that were
jigging was working better. We are fishing straight out of JR's to west towards the Rock Pile. It appears the best luck people had was
on the deeper side of 8 feet of water. As far as the ice, it's pretty consistent of 6-7 inches, but I have found a couple spots with
less than 6 inches.... so be cautious when you venture out! We still plan to have a few houses on the lake this weekend and a few more
next week. So, if anyone interested in early season rental - give us a call! Remember...Be CAREFUL & SAFE!!! JR & Staff 

11-25-13 Fishing has started! We have a few going straight out in front and some have taken ATVS on the shoreline, toward the Rock
pile. There appears to be 3 to 5 inches of ice in most areas with more along the shore. We also, are seeing Some fish in 5 to 8 feet of
water. Our plans are to have a few houses on the lake by the weekend. Foot traffic and portables are welcome as of right now. Hopefully
some ATV traffic by the weekend. Those of you who venture out, Be careful. Thanks, JR and Staff. 

11-23-13 Things look a lot better on Red today, with the temperatures below zero and the winds letting up...ice as far as I can see.
With the forecast for the next week being no snow and temps below normal...we will be fishing real soon! As of now, I plan to have some
wheelhouses on the lake by next Thursday or Friday and we will also have houses available on shore at discount price, so if anyone is
interested in early season renting, call us at 320-290-3838. Thanks and Be Safe! JR & Staff 

11-22-13 The ice fishing doesn't look very promising for this weekend. The ice has opened up about a 1/4 mile out from shore. The open
water section is almost 1/4 mile wide and runs west down the shoreline. The good news is it appears to be freezing quickly. The
temperatures are dropping fast, so anything can happen with the predicted cold temperatures in the forecast. I will post another ice
report tomorrow. Keep checking back. I will keep you up to date with the latest ice conditions from Upper Red Lake. Thanks! JR & Staff 

11-12-13 Well, I think ice fishing is getting closer as of Tuesday. As far as I could see, it looked like Upper Red lake was froze over
with the exception of a couple small areas. I ventured out a ways and found 2, maybe 3 inches of ice at best. With the warmer
temperatures in the forecast for the next couple of days, let's cross our fingers and hope it stays. With a little luck we could be
fishing in a week or so. We are booking Ice fishing trips. With that being said, weekends and popular weekdays are filling up quick, so
if there is something we can do for you, please give us a call. Thanks! JR and staff. 
Take Care!

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