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For anyone and everyone on the lake we have a fantastic lunch and dinner special. Come in for a Hot Beef Commercial Sandwich today,
only $5 a plate. Beautiful day for our first annual fly in, we want thank everyone for making it such a great success.

Our first annual fly in is still going on this Saturday the 21st, it goes from 11:00 to 3:00pm. They are calling for it to be a cold
day, don't let that stop you from landing in for a hot beef commercial dinner, with the raffle starting at 2:00. We look forward to
seeing all our friends in the sky.

We are rolling into our last weekend of season, we still have some fish houses available to rent for this upcoming weekend. The fishing
is still pretty good with most houses getting 10 to 20 fish a day. Still some bonus crappies and perch are showing up, the roads will
be in good shape for the last weekend. Tip of the day don't forget your extension we are sitting with 32 inches of ice.

The wind is finally starting to die down after it has been blowing all day. We will have all the roads opened up and looking great
tomorrow. We are sitting with about 28 to 34 inches of ice, fishing is still good with limits and bonus crappies and perch coming in.
The best fishing seems to be jigging with fathead minnows on red pink or green and orange. We still have a house open for Friday night
so give us a call or if you have your own house stop in the bar so we can point you in the right direction. Thank you and we look
forward to seeing everyone.

That time of the year when some crappies start showing up mixed with the walleye, we still have some houses available for rent this
year. With only 14 days left of season don't miss out on your chance. The best bite seems to be north of the center bar or west of
rocks on the border line, 13 to 14 ft of water

Well we are into our last month of season it is a bitter sweet to start counting the days down. We want to take a second just to say
thanks for the great year all of our customers have made for us, we hope these last week's continue to be fun with everyone coming up
fishing. The bite seems to be fair to good right now some houses getting 2 to 5 fish a day with others still getting 20 to 40 fish a
day, that is the beauty of fishing Red lake you never know when your gonna have that big day. The best colors seem to be pink and gold
or orange and green, shallow water fishing has been good for some but I would still recommend 13 to 15 ft of water. More consistent
numbers have been deeper, the roads are in great shape so stop in the bar to get a map and ask some questions. Good luck to everyone

Fishing is still pretty good with some bonus perch and some nice northern showing up. Also a lot of bigger walleyes are biting too, the
roads are in great shape. The best bite is in the morning and then in the evening best hook color seems to be pink, with jigging out
fishing the still lines. We look forward to taking care of anyone looking to come up fishing at red lake.

Some crappies are starting to show up not a ton but a few. The walleye fishing is still pretty decent with a lot of perch showing up,
and some nice northern are starting to bite. The best depth of water is 13 to 15 ft with the best spots being west of the rock pile or
around the center bar. We have some rentals available for week days with some good prices give us a call to get on some good fishing.
Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Happy Friday to everyone. We just had a couple last minute cancellations for our rentals. If you and some friends or family want to
come up and fish Red Lake give us a call we would love to take care of you.

Good morning from everyone at Jrs Corner Access, they are calling for another beautiful weekend, with a little chance of snow on
saturday. The fishing remains decent with the best bite from 3:00pm to 8:00pm, both dead sticking and jigging have been doing the same.
The best colors are still red and gold if that don't work some good reports were coming from green and orange. There is still a fair
perch bite in 14 to 15 feet of water, the roads are in great shape so stop in at Jr's Corner so we can take Care of you.

The ice conditions are great with 24 to 28 inches all over, the roads are in great shape. The best fishing right now is in the morning
and evening. There has been some good reports coming in around 12 to 13 ft of water with jigging and half minnow working best. We have
been seeing a lot of bonus perch mixed in with the walleye, Good luck to all the people fishing.

The forecast for this weekend sounds beautiful with sunny skies and highs in the 20's. The ice conditions are great and the little snow
is still allowing you to drive just about anywhere. The best bite is still evening and throughout the night. We are seeing a lot of
great bonus perch too. We still have some weekday rentals available Sunday through Thursdays. The new fishing regulations take effect
starting January 23rd with a 2 fish limit and all fish 17 to 26 must be released. Come visit us at Jr's Corner Access and good luck to
everyone fishing.

The roads are in good shape and the fish are biting pretty good. Stop in the bar to get your road pass and a map so we can put you on
the fish. We just had some last minute cancellations for saturday, so we have a couple rental houses available for tomorrow day and
night. Also don't miss out on the weekday specials for week day rentals, thanks and good luck to all the people fishing this weekend.

The wind is still blowing and there have been several white-out conditions over the last few hours. Please use cautious when driving on
the lake during the next 12 hours. The plow trucks will be out as soon as the wind starts to die down. Our roads are still in pretty
good shape so we should have them cleaned up quickly. We have plenty of ice on the lake. There is a good 21 inches. Extensions are
quickly becoming a "must" have item on ice augers. The best fishing is still 14 to 15 ft around the center bar. Good luck to everyone
out fishing. Stop in if you need to warm up. Thanks JR and staff.

The roads are all back in shape and we have the main road out to center bar and to the west rock pile looking great. The fishing is
still fair with the best bite being through the night, a lot of people are saying they are getting a lot of fish to take a look but is
taking some touch to get them to bite. Best bait right now would be smaller hooks with crappie minnows on a set line.

The first snow and wind has arrived we got probably 5 to 7 inches of snow. The wind is blowing pretty good so keep in mind to travel
safe or stay put. The plow trucks will be out in the morning when everything clears, pack plenty of propane and warm clothes for theses
next couple days, fishing still remains good

Happy New Year from everyone at Jrs Corner Access. The fishing remains good with the best bite being during the night, magic depth is
13 to 15 ft of water, Small hooks and small minnows are producing the best. The roads are staked and we got plenty of ice stop in the
bar and we will get you taken care of.

The big holiday weekend is just about here, we are receiving a high volume of calls right now so we are asking everyone to follow this
page and are website redlakeaccess.com for new updates. But the ice is still all good and the roads will be great for everyone, we are
allowing all traffic out and there is 17 to 19 inches. We are asking everyone to stop in the bar and get a map of the staked roads.
Thank you and we hope everyone has a great and safe holiday.

The big weekend is coming up. We have good ice and most houses are reporting 8 to 24 walleye a day. The roads are in good shape and
life is good. Give us a call and we will set you up for the weekend. We had a couple of last minute cancelations so we still have a
couple of houses available for the coming weekend. Merry Christmas from the staff at JRs and happy New Year. Stay posted and we will
keep toy up to date.

Another beautiful day on red lake, with fishing pretty good still most people are getting 10 to 30 walleyes everyday so the bite did
slow a little but still good. We have 17 to 19 inches of ice just about all over, the roads are marked but still make sure you stop in
the bar to talk to someone and get a map of our roads. The best colors like usual are gold and red but have been hearing green and
orange jigs are working great too. Dead sticks are out fishing the jigging lines for sure right now, good luck to all the people

It is very foggy out on the lake if you are driving around be careful, best advice stay put. The ice is still in good shape with about
17 inches of ice, there is some water on the ice in a few spots but nothing over a couple inches. Fishing is still steady so stop in at
Jr's so we can get you taken care of. Don't forget your ice cleats this week it is very very slippery on the ice with no snow. Thanks
and good luck to all.

The cold beer and fish fry are rolling at JR's. The fishing was a little slower the last couple of days but we are still catching fish.
The roads are in good shape with 14 to 18 inches of ice. Stop into the bar to get your road pass and we will get you headed in the
right direction for catching some fish for your next fish fry. Thanks, JR and staff.

The plow trucks are back out getting everything back into shape for the weekend. We have a small crack by the shore but we have a good
bridge over it so there's no need to worry. After the bridge, it's clear sailing. We have a good road plowed to the west rock pile and
north to center bar. We have 15 to 18 inches of ice. The fishing is still good. The best bite has been in the evenings and also at
night due to the full moon. 
The fishing was great this weekend during the full moon. Some groups even said they got sick of catching fish throughout the night and
had to pull up their lines so they could get come sleep. We had a few cracks in the ice appear on Saturday but everything is now back
in shape. Stop in at the bar and we can help get you on the fish. The best depths have been in 11 to 14 feet of water with set lines
outproducing jigging at this time. JR and staff.

Snow to bank houses is getting harder and harder to find on the lake but we will still take this problem vs the 12+ inches of snow we
had last year at this time. The ice is in good shape with 14 to 16 inches in most locations. We are now letting ALL trucks and All
types of wheelhouses out through the access. The walleye bite has been best at night with the recent full moon. The best baits have
been shiner minnows on small pink or gold hooks. The fish are still biting and the roads are in good shape so give us a call and we
will take care of you. We still have a few houses available for this weekend if anyone is thinking about a last minute trip. Good luck
to everyone this weekend. JR and staff.
The fishing was great this weekend. The best spots were our west road to the rock pile in 8 to 10 feet and our north road, about 5.5
miles, to the center bar in 11 to 13 feet. We have 13 to 15 inches of good ice just about all over. Don't miss out on your chance to
get in on the good fishing. We still have a few houses available for rent this coming weekend. Give us a call. JR and staff

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We've had a road staked out to CENTER BAR since Sunday and we currently have all of our plow trucks out
getting the roads in shape for the big holiday weekend. We also have a road west to the Rock Pile. The fishing has been good. Give us a
call and we will get you hooked up with a house. Happy Fishing! JR and staff

We are now allowing 1/2 ton trucks with lighter wheelhouses out. We are recommending pulling out heavier wheelhouses with ATVs or
side-by-sides. We have 12 to 13 inches of ice and the fishing has been great. We have places available on shore for those anglers
wishing to camp. Stay posted. The current weather conditions have been excellent for making ice and fishing. We will let you know the
minute there are any changes.  JR and staff.

Anglers pulling portables with ATVs have been rolling out to find excellent fishing in 8 to 9 fow. Some groups have reported as many as
50 fish per house. The ice report for today is 9 to 11 inches. The lake is looking great and we are making ice with the return of
colder temperatures. Hopefully we will be able to start letting wheelhouses pulled by ATVs out soon. Keep posted. We will let you know
the minute there are any changes.
JR and staff

Fishing was very good this last weekend to say the least. Thank you to all the early ice fishing anglers who made the trip up and
helped make it such a great weekend. All of our rental houses are now out on the ice so give us a call. Check out our mid-week specials
and take advantage of the current hot bite. The best water depth has been 8 to 9 feet. The best method of fishing has been jigging.
Some individual anglers reported catching 30 to 40 fish per day. The best news is we're still making ice!
JR and staff

We are now renting wheelhouses on the ice. The fishing has been good. The best depths have been in 8 to 9 feet of water. The ice
conditions have been good. We currently have 9 to 11 inches of ice and we are making ice every might. Keep posted. We should have
another report soon.
JR and staff

We are not letting ATV traffic with light wheel houses out. We were out this morning and found 8 to 11 inches of ice in the locations
we checked. We are currently marking a road west to the rock pile. The best bite has been occurring in the evenings in 8 to 9 ft of
water. Active jigging has been producing the most fish. Keep posted. I will have another report for you tomorrow.
JR and staff 

The first fish fry of the season is history and I'm sure there will be plenty more to follow in the next coming days. The walleye
fishing has been good. We currently have 6 to 9 inches of ice and we are planning to let out ATV traffic with portables tomorrow. Stay
posted. We will have a new report tomorrow.
JR and staff

Jr's Corner Access is officially open for foot traffic. We had several groups walk out this morning and fish in nine feet of water. Our
staff will be out marking more trails today and tomorrow. There is currently 5 inches of ice on most spots we fish early season. The
groups which ventured out reported fast limits. Fish were very aggressive and active jigging worked best. The anglers said almost every
fish which shined on the Vexilar ended up smacking the jig hard. Keep posted. We will be updating ice reports daily.
JR and staff

We checked the ice today and it really looks good for Wednesday into Thursday. We can creep out right now but we want to hold off for a
couple days or so and make sure it is safe for everyone. Our weekend ice house rentals have been filling up fast so please don't
hesitate to call soon. Thank you and be safe.
JR and staff

The lake is looking great. Some spots have up to 4 inches of ice. We will be staking out roads and trails tomorrow. We are planning to
open our access for foot traffic by mid week. Atv traffic could be as soon as this weekend. We will have ice houses for rent along
shore in case you need a place to stay. Stay posted.
JR and staff

The ice fishing season is quickly approaching. Deer Hunting is in full swing and the daily temperatures have been cold. The lake's ice
currently extends 300 feet from shore. The immediate and extended forecasts call for colder than normal temperatures so we hope to be
ice fishing in the very near future. Stay tuned for current up-to-date ice conditions and ice fishing reports. I will keep them
up-to-date for you. Our weekend ice house rentals have been filling up fast so please don't hesitate to call soon. Thank you and be
JR and staff
Take Care!

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Current Red Lake Current Red Lake Ice Fishing Regulations
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