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2/23/17 Last minute houses still available for the last weekend. We have a couple 8x18 four person sleepers still available for one
night or two nights for this weekend, get some friends or the family together and come up and see some airplanes. The fishing is not
bad at all we are working hard at keeping our rentals on the best bite on the lake.

Call 320 290 3838

2/22/17 Fly in 2017 Saturday starting at 10:00 Am 

Come one come all the weather is calling to be beautiful with winds around 10mph and temps in the 20s. Everyone is invited weather you
fly in or drive in we want everyone to come and talk with the pilots and even look at the aircrafts. Some will even be giving out
rides, to look at Red lake from above. There is going to be a hot turkey commercial lunch served for anyone who stops in, for all the
pilots there will be a contest and some great prizes with the grand prize being a Tanis heater. There will be two runways set up one
north south and one east west, we will post some pictures as we get them set up starting Friday. The fishing is still pretty good with
best luck coming from south of center bar and towards the reservation line. Just make sure to stop in the bar to get a map and pass as
all the snow is gone so travel is easy and you can go anywhere. The lake is healing up great with less water and with these cool temps
starting tonight it should be great for the last weekend of walleye season.

2/21/2017 Fly-In Is still On    This Saturday starting at 10:00 and lunch starts at 11:00. The drawings are at 2:00 
The landings will be very smooth... See you there 

Well the last few days has been very crazy weather, from 64 degrees to pouring rain. However the lake is getting better since them
crazy days and actually looks to be in very good shape and getting better every day. There is some water still on the lake in spots but
nothing like yesterday and the days before by the weekend just about all the water will be off the ice. We are very excited for the fly
in this weekend especially with the way the lake is shaping up and getting smooth, there is no snow left on the lake so you can drive
just about anywhere you want just be a little cautious with where the water ran down the ice. We have a couple rental houses left for
this weekend, don't miss out on this last weekend of 2016 2017 walleye  season.

2/16/17  We did just have a few houses switch to Sunday Monday due to the holiday weekend, with that being said we have a few 8x18 four
person sleepers available for one night this Friday starting at 12 noon till 10 am Saturday morning. Only two weekends left and the
weather is going to be beautiful we will see you on the ice.

2/15/17 The ice roads are in great shape along with the rest of the lake, no water on top of ice and everything is solid we have around
30 inches of ice. The best bite seems to be around the center bar in 13 to 15 feet of water with some people have great luck on top of
the bar in 10 feet of water. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend as it is going to be beautiful weather.

2/14/17 Not only was this weekend one of the best weekends as far as the walleye bite for the year, we also had some great friends up
the Duluth girls stopped in for there yearly trip and made it a very fun weekend. The best bite didn't seem to matter from center bar
to the reservation line to the north shore everyone seemed to have great luck, some info to put away in our pockets for the future
years the full moon in February the last couple years has been lights out for ripping lips. Let's hope this bite continues to end the
year with these beautiful temps we are looking forward to seeing a lot of people visiting these last two weeks.....
 Don't forget about the yearly fly in only 2 weeks away.


2017 FLY-IN  IS   FEBRUARY 25th 

Time to start planning to either fly in or drive in to see all the air planes and pilots. The date is  February 25th, We will have two
runways plowed that we will post as it gets closer, there will be a lunch special and contest for all the guests. We are very excited
for everyone to come out to say hi as this is one of our favorite events for all ages. So set your calendars grab the family and get up
here and maybe you will even be lucky enough to get a ride in one of the planes, as some pilots will be giving rides.

2/8/17 Wow how the day can change most of the storm missed us but we did get about 7 inches of snow in the last 3 days. But the sun is
shining now and the plow trucks are out, it will take a couple days to get all the roads nice and wide but are already good to get
down. Tonight and tomorrow are the last part of the cold snap then it looks like it is gonna be a very warm rest of the year most days
in the 20s and 30s dont miss out on getting up to Red lake this year with this great weather, there is only 3 weeks left of walleye
season. We also have some great weekday specials going for weekday rentals and also have a couple houses left for the last weekend of
season. Most houses are getting anywhere from 5 to 11 walleye a day with a few bonus crappie and perch, so as most are saying it's a
tough bite around the lake we are keeping most people on a decent bite. We look forward to seeing everyone as the weekend gets closer.

2/7/17 Today on the lake it is a winter wonder land white out. If you are on the lake we are asking everyone stays put and just hangs
out in your fish house and enjoy the storm everything looks to be blown over by evening. As for the people coming up make sure you stop
in bar and talk to one of us before heading out.

2/5/17 Super Bowl Party... Come one come all, there will be a pot luck going on in the bar today for the super bowl starting at 5:30 if
you want whip up a little something or just come in and enjoy, there will also be drawings at the end of each quarter so bring your
good luck charm. 


1/31/17 Mixed baskets are coming in more and more now as the season gets later, more crappies and some nice perch are showing up every
day with the normal bucket of walleye. We got about 5 inches of snow in the last day, but to be honest we needed it to help fix the
roads and give us some snow for banking the houses. The best bite right now is on center bar and north of the bar, we have some great
weekday prices for our rental houses and we even have a couple left for the last two weekends in February. Don't let the winter get
away from you with out trying red lake for some great walleye fishing and even some crappies in one of our houses. Give us a call and
ask for Jr or Adam so we can get you in the books 320 290 3838. Jr and Staff

 1/27/17 A few crappies are making there way to the cleaning room nothing consistent but a few here and there. DJ Chris from Shadys
Bars in central MN will be spinning the tunes tonight in the bar starting at 9:00.

1/24/17 Fishing has been good for some and slow for others we are moving our rentals all over the lake to get our costumers on the best
bite we are even getting a few of the nice crappies. The roads were pretty rough to say the least the last few days with all this warm
weather, it is freezing up right now and as it does the roads will get smooth again as we work with them. We have roads plowed west to
the reservation line and north all the way to north shore. You can get off the roads to be able to drive just about anywhere off the
main roads, due to a lot of the snow melting off the lakes. Don't forget to mark the calendar for this weekends big event Red Fest 2017
indoor fishing contest on Saturday thousands of dollars and great prizes given away we look forward to seeing everyone.  Jr and Staff

1-21-17 We have more new roads we plowed west of the center bar on the reservation line then up north towards the north shore. Lots of
new areas to fish that have not been touched yet for the year I am gonna guess that is where the best bite will be for the weekend.
There is some rain right now and is suppose to be a little tomorrow too, the roads and lake is still holding up good with a some water
in spots nothing to worry about. We look forward to seeing everyone come up fishing during this warm weekend don't forget the shorts
and t Shirts.

1/18/17 We just had a few houses reschedule for later in the year so with that being said we have 3 8x18 4 person sleeper houses
available for Friday and Saturday night give us a call to get in on this last minute opportunity

1/15/17 Another great weekend had at Jrs Corner Access. We had some old and new friends stop by, even the wisconsin women fishing club
stopped in for a visit and had a pretty good trip. The fishing has slowed down a little due to all the people visiting the lake,
however as this week continues and the weather stays perfect the fishing should be back in just a couple days. Although some are still
having some great luck there is some people having slow trips, We have nice plowed roads out to center bar and then west to the
reservation line. You can still get around the lake just about anywhere you just have to be a little careful, don't miss out on this
beautiful weather and  stop in to say hi.

1/12/17 It is a windy white out on the big pond this morning, it is making people in portables and there own wheel houses struggle with
getting around on the lake. We are not getting any snow just strong winds as soon as the weather clears tonight and tomorrow morning we
will get the roads all plowed and ready to rock for the weekend. The fishing seems to be really good right now with the moon and
pressure let's hope it stays for the weekend, the best time is overnight fishing with evenings good too.

1/9/17 We made it through another weekend, thanks to all the friends and family that stopped in to say hi and catch some fish. We have
some good friends here fishing right now, the Showalters crew is up in a couple rental houses from Canada. The fishing as of right now
seems to be great for some but very slow for others I would say everyone is still getting enough to eat and still bring home there
limits after a couple days of fishing. But the ones that are on the spot are having 30 plus fish days. The best bite seems to be in 15
feet of water off the center bar, with dead sticks still being the rod of choice with a small hook. The roads and lake are in great
shape with getting around on the lake still pretty easy just have to pick your spots to get off the main roads and just keep out of the
deep spots. We are suppose to get a couple inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, so let's hope that misses us so we can have another fun
weekend at Jrs Corner Access.

1/5/17 The moment we have all been waiting for... The highway to center bar is open make sure you stop at the resort to get your map
and pass. You can still get around the lake good just be smart and pick your spots to get off the road with less snow you do not need
plowed spots yet. The resort is asking everyone to obey the 15 mph and to get off the main roads at least 200 feet. There is plenty of
ice so all trucks and fish houses are good to go we look forward to seeing everyone and thanks for being patient. Jr and Staff

1/4/17 It is very cold this morning. All the plows are out working and by the end of the day the plan is to have a nice road to center
bar and a nice road west past the rock pile. Everything will be in great shape for everyone coming up fishing just need a little time
to get all the roads caught up, we have 20 plus inches of ice and are allowing everything out. The bridge is no longer needed as the
breaker has stopped moving finally, the best bite seems to be north of the rock pile or south of center bar dead sticks are still out
fishing the jigging lines with red hooks, it seems like this will be the bait of choice for the year all though some guys are having
good luck with ripping raps too. We look forward to everyone stopping in as we are getting closer to another great weekend to fish
Upper red lake.

12/26/16. Mother Nature was on our side with this storm. Just an inch of snow is all we got so far it is a little windy so visibility
on the lake is a little tough but still able to see where your heading. The access is good to go and ready for everyone to head out on
the lake ice is still at 16 to 18 inches of ice, we are allowing all 3/4 ton trucks with tandem houses, just stop at the bar and get
your pass and map and you will be good. Stay tuned for all updates with the ice and weather conditions good luck and drive safe.    

12/22/16 The fishing is good lots of limits and lots of memories. This year it just seemed to take a lot longer then most years for the
fish to turn on but the wait is over. There is still some people struggling but best advice would be small hooks, and get out by
yourself the best depths are 14 to 15 feet of water. We have about 15 inches of ice to 18 inches, the breaker is bridged and in great
shape. As of right now we are still letting halfton trucks with single axle houses, as for 3/4 ton trucks and bigger houses we will be
letting all rigs go the day after Christmas. The only thing that could change that is this big storm we have coming in on Sunday and
Monday just stay tuned to this page and our website for all the updates, good luck to everyone and let's all pray that the storm misses

 12/20/16 A lot of early people heading out fishing this morning, the wind is blowing but it is a warm wind so not terrible out. We
have 12 to 14 inches of ice and are allowing 1/2 ton trucks with 8x16 fish houses or smaller, as for the bigger houses they can be
pulled with atv or side by side we are allowing no tandem houses out at this time. The fishing is still pretty good not everyone is
getting there limits like most years at this time, but I would say it's 50 50 with people getting there limits and people not. We have
the breaker bridged good right now and hope the breaker will give us a day off yesterday it kept us very busy. We still have a couple
rental houses available for this week Wednesday and or Thursday for anyone looking to get a little fishing in with friends or family
before Christmas. 

Good luck to everyone hitting the Hard Water this morning Jr and Staff.

12/19/16 We had a breaker come through we are bridging it and getting it a fixed up and safe for everyone. As of right now we are
letting no vehicles out on lake, as soon as we get everything addressed and safe we will allow vehicles again. Stay tuned as we will
update you on that as soon as it's good, also we will post a current fishing report and ice Report this evening.

12/17/16 Our ice is in good shape the west road has healed up and have been back up and rolling since day break we have 12 to 13 inches
of ice just about all over. We are going to be allowing half ton trucks with 8x16 or smaller starting tomorrow as far as the bigger
houses they will be limited to atv or side by sides. So anyone who is getting pulled out today by the resort or got pulled out earlier
this weekend you will be able to pull your house off the lake with a half ton or smaller. The fishing is picking up a lot there is
limits coming in we've talked to many people with there limits but some it just took the whole day. The best bite is west and north of
the rock pile in 10 to 12 feet of water, so heading out of our access it is right at about 2 miles to the west. Good luck to everyone
from Jr and Staff

12/16/16 (evening) Ice update. We had a few cracks come through today everything is ok but we elected to not allow anymore wheel houses
out tonight. We will start back up tomorrow morning, if everything looks good again. Four wheelers and portables or side by sides with
portables are still good tonight just no wheel houses.

12/16/16 (morning) We are sitting at 11 to 12 inches of ice this morning we are gonna start letting lighter tandem houses out with atv
or side by sides. For all the costumers renting a house with us or other outfitters we are gonna let you follow us out to the rental
houses. Stay tuned for other truck updates as we are still making good ice, fishing remains spotty but this morning already people are
saying morning bite was better so night bite might be phasing out switching to a morning evening bite. The bar and grill is open ask us
about our new hot wings on the menu.
Tip for the day pack a portable jumper box very cold and lots of wheelers and vehicle batteries are not starting. Jr and Staff.

12/15/16. All atvs and side by sides 6 houses are allowed as of today, we are enforcing a 15mph for everyone. If you need your house
pulled out we can help you out there too just be patient it's first come first serve, and $25 will get you pulled. As of vehicle
traffic for right now is a no go for Friday but could change, we just feel it is not safe for any vehicles at this time but when we
feel it's safe we will let everyone know. We are sitting at 9 to 11 inches all over, fishing is still not heavy but the guys working
are getting there limits and some houses are even getting 15 walleye right now. Best bite is still a night bite with the moon and best
depth is 8 to 10 feet of water with dead lines out fishing the jigging lines right now. As the weekend gets closer we look forward to
seeing everyone. Jr and Staff

12-13-16 The bite is improving but still slow for some, it is still not the hot bite but getting closer. We are seeing more limits
every day, the best bite is from 10pm to 4am so it is currently a night bite. The best depth seems to be 8 to 9 feet of water and dead
sticks are out fishing the jigging lines. We are currently at 9 inches of ice with a few spots at 6 inches, with these temps the lake
is gonna continue to stack on a lot of ice. We are gonna start allowing 8x16 fish houses or smaller with atvs and side by sides on
Thursday, that could change if it makes more ice we may allow bigger by the weekend. Just stay tuned to this page and our website
redlakeaccess.com for all the updates as we will keep everyone updated as the ice continues to grow. For anyone looking for fish house
rentals give us a call with these cold and windy days portable fishing is just not that fun, good luck to everyone.-12-16 The first
fleet of the year is set nd we will continue to keep setting more of our rentals on the lake all week. At this time we are only having
our rental houses on the lake but we are allowing portables with atvs and side by sides, we are sitting with 7 to 9 inches of ice with
a few spots at 5 inches. We have houses available on the lake for rent all week if you want to book one give us a call, we also have
tons of on shore storage and or camping for everyone with there own houses no need to call. We are stocked up good on minnows and the
bar and grill is fully opened for food and drinks we look forward to seeing everyone so come in and say hi. As far as the fishing
report it is still slower but every day is getting better and better, some coming in with limits but most with 1 to 5 fish for the
group, but as the week goes on I will ensure you the fishing will get better daily.

Ice conditions continue to improve very fast, as of tomorrow morning we are gonna allow atv traffic with portables. We have 6 to 9
inches of ice just about all over, the least amount we found this morning is 4 inches and that is where those little pockets were open
a few days ago. The fishing right now is on the slower side but that is very typical for this time of year with how dirty the water is,
there was some limits coming in yesterday but not a ton everyone did have fish though. The fishing will be getting better and better as
the water cleans up, the best depths are 7 to 9 feet of water on the clean ice. We are gonna start pulling our Rental Sleepers out
tomorrow so give us a call so we can get you in the books, we look forward to seeing everyone.

12-9-16 Fishing Season Is Here 

We are gonna start foot traffic as of tomorrow morning but we encourage everyone to use caution. Jr took the plane out tonight and flew
most of the lake and it was all froze up tight, he is very happy with the way everything buttoned up and feels good about the way the
ice is forming. We went out again tonight and found 3 to 5 inches in most places but also found as little as 2 inches, this is good out
to 8 feet of water. With tonight's temps the lake should be making more ice by morning and we are very excited to get everything
rolling. We have plenty of on shore camping for you to bring your own house and also have rentals on the shoreline for you to rent and
camp in. Make sure you stop in the bar to get the low down before heading out, good luck and be safe to everyone. 

12/08/16 (Afternoon)
We walked around most of the morning checking ice. We found some good and some bad. We have just under 3 inches of ice everywhere we
checked but also found some little pockets of open water yet. We are still hoping to get started  with walk out fishing at some point
this weekend but to early to tell. We will have another updated video for everyone tomorrow. (Go to our Facebook page to see the video)
We are also gonna start going live for all our viewers to enjoy. Stay tuned to our page and website as we will keep updating.

12/08/16 (Morning)
The sun is shining and the lake is still froze over. We are out venturing around on the lake as we speak, we will have updates and
answers for everyone in just a couple hours for what our plans are. Stay tuned to our website redlakeaccess.com and to this page for
all the updates as the day continues.

Miracles Can Happen. We were scared to look at the lake this morning with all the heavy winds last night but to our surprise the ice
was out as far as we could see with binoculars. There were still a couple strips about 20 yards wide running east to west with open
water but there was ice again on the other side. The lake will be changing very quickly now. We will keep everyone posted for when it
is safe for walking out so stay posted. This could happen as early as this weekend but not for sure yet. Make sure you get in the books
for the early season shoreline rental so you can walk out to fish and stay overnight on shore. It's still very early and anything can
Keep your fingers crossed. 

This ice is trying to form but the wind is not helping, it is gusting up to 30mph at times. We have the right temps now if Mother
Nature will just lay the wind down. Let's hope the Lady Luck gets on our side and we can start fishing soon.

Finally the temperatures we need are in the forecast... We feel pretty good about fishing starting soon now, although this lake always
has a mind of its own cross your fingers for next weekend ice fishing. We will have houses available for rent on the shoreline for
early season fishing. So use our beautiful houses as base camp and to sleep in while you chase the early season bite on Upper Red Lake.
We are now taking reservations for the shoreline rental, so get your place to stay and book now.

Colder temps are getting closer and closer a week from today it shows a low for 4, that is the temps we have been looking for. As soon
as the ice is here and safe we will be ready for all of you to show up. We added on beautiful extra camping sights for this years early
season, so now we will have enough room for everyone to camp and stay or just store your house during this ice fishing season.

A Little bit of snow and rain falling today, anything to help cool the water temps down. If you are looking to rent a fish house we
would love to get you on some great fishing, the popular weekends are just about booked so call soon to reserve your house. We still
have weekdays available too if your looking to save some money we offer great weekday rates. We can't wait to get everything started
for the season, and remember to keep sending your prayers for early December hard water fishing.

We hope everyone is ready for deer hunting this weekend. It's been chilly up here on Red Lake the past few mornings. Let's hope it's a
sign there will be some early ice this year. Things are shaping up for a good ice fishing season. The prime weekends have been booking
up fast. The Red Lake walleye limit this winter will three walleye. Two must be under 17 inches and the third can be of any size. We
have been busy this summer. The new addition to the bar is looking nice. We should have all the tongue and groove finished before first
ice. Give us a call. We will see you on the ice.
Take Care!

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Current Red Lake Current Red Lake Ice Fishing Regulations
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