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Red Lake, Minnesota:
Upper Red Lake, MN has become a familiar destination for my family each winter. Upper Red Lake ice fishing is legendary for its HUGE crappies, and its mere mention to my family will create a conversation that's filled with stories of slab crappies, abundant walleyes, and some of the most dilapidated  Red Lake fish houses that we've ever fished in.

I used to tow my own ice house to Upper Red Lake, MN. But after a few hairy trips on icy roads, I started thinking that renting Red Lake ice houses would be a better idea. As much as I loved ice fishing from my own fish house, those white-knuckled trips just weren't worth it.

Prior to finding JR's Corner Access and Red Lake Ice House Rentals, all of my Upper Red Lake ice fishing trips were overshadowed with the possibility of spending another weekend stuck in some “rustic” Red Lake fish house rental. That hasn't been the case since I found Red Lake Ice House Rentals.

All the fish houses rented by Red Lake Ice House Rental are, without doubt, the most modern ice houses on Upper Red Lake. Every ice house Cobi Hood uses in his fleet of Upper Red Lake fish houses are made of aluminum and feature the amenities you'd expect from a first class fish house rental service on Upper Red. 

So give Red Lake Ice House Rentals a call and let JR take care of the details of your next ice fishing adventure to Upper Red Lake. But this time you'll spend more of your trip to Red Lake in a ice house actually fishing, and less of the time trying to figure out how to tow the fish house back home.


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Red Lake Crappie Fishing

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Red Lake Slab Crappies!
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Upper Red Lake Fish Houses
Red Lake Ice House Rentals offer sportsmen the chance to enjoy a great Red Lake ice fishing trip, without the hassle of towing an ice houses to Red Lake, MN. Spend more of your weekend ice fishing and less of it wrestling your fish house. Give JR's Corner Access a call and let him handle all the details. You won't find a better better Red Lake ice house rental on the lake.
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